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Michigan Bean Queen

Hi everyone! My name is Shaelynn Lavrack, and I am your 74th Michigan Bean Queen. I
am originally from a small town called Montrose. Fairgrove reminds me a lot of my
hometown, and every community member I have encountered has made me feel even
more at home. I will forever be grateful to the town of Fairgrove for helping me find my
way, and being so welcoming and kind. Thank you to the Michigan Bean Commission as
well for being a vessel of information and support.
I would also like to thank my Runner-Up, Courtney Kalkman. I couldn’t be more
thankful for her support, friendship, and advice during our year together. With
Courtney comes her family. They have been a huge backbone in our year, offering to
haul the float, a place for me to stay, and feeding us. Thank you, Mike and Dawn!
Lastly, I would like to thank my family. They have hauled our float miles, found me
places to stay, and just been supportive of me all year! I wouldn’t be able to represent
any agriculture industry in the capacity I am without their help.
I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to serve as your 74th Michigan Bean Queen.
I will always remember the memories and friends I made and everything I learned
throughout this year. Thank you!

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