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71 st & 72nd
Michigan Bean Queen


Hello everyone, my name is Autumn Loss and I am proudly from the small town of Minden City. It has been an absolute honor being able to serve as the 71st and 72nd Michigan Bean Queen. The time I spent as the Michigan Bean Queen has been a unique experience and I loved getting to know the charming town of Fairgrove where community support comes in a big package. I am so grateful for my family for showing me the importance of agriculture and supporting me every day during this experience. I would like to think my runner-up Grace Mowry for her hard work on every float and her family for everything they have done. I will always cherish the memories we made at our parades and promoting the bean industry together. I am so grateful for the experiences I gained and the people I met because of the Michigan Bean industry. Thank you for allowing me to represent and serve as a 71st and 72nd Michigan Bean Queen. Eat more Beans!

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